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How to Use the Safety, Health and
Environmental Body of Knowledge


The ASSE Body of Knowledge has plenty of great information, but where do I start? Good question. It is not uncommon to think of Google or Yahoo when searching for online info, but they provide an extremely broad array of results. The goal of the ASSE Body of Knowledge is to provide highly-specialized, approved and vetted content - that any SH&E professional can benefit from immediately.

After you register for the BOK, simply click the search button in the Browse menu to begin finding a multitude of resources - right at your fingertips. You can browse by Topic Areas or Competency Models, and you can even find information on careers and hiring the right Safety Professional. When you are ready to share your knowledge, simply hit the "Add a Resource" button in the upper right, and be a part of something big: the ASSE Body of Knowledge.




Share best practices and other tools learned in your career to teach others.



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Rate articles and provide feedback on your favorite resources.



For the Seasoned Safety Pro:

From the very beginning, the goal of the BOK has been to categorize and quantify the most accessible online resources for Safety and Health professionals of all levels. Start with the detailed, database-driven BOK Search - which auto-populates based on your input.
There are extensive tools to rate and add your comments to existing BOK resources -and even suggest improvements along the way, so we can continue to gain new knowledge for the BOK and help it evolve and grow.

For the Beginner in Safety:

Start with the BOK's most accessible resources found under the Topic Areas pages. These are clearly defined by broad-scale categories and include many resources for people just beginning their SH&E careers. From there, you can look under the "Browse" menu for additional resources including the Career Guide to the Safety Profession, and the Competency Models for Safety Professionals -- both resources have numerous reference points for beginners and Safety practicioners in their early stages of their careers. 



What is the BOK?

The Body of Knowledge project is dedicated to creating a living reference that represents the collective knowledge of the Safety, Health and Environmental profession. While the preliminary work has begun, there is still more to do. The purpose of this website is to introduce subject areas that will eventually be part of the Body of Knowledge, and to gather feedback on the future direction, and ongoing assessment of what needs to be completed.

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