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The Value of Personalizing Safety, Accuform Signs

A strong safety culture is often personalized, and a personalized safety culture can help meet other safety and security needs as well. Discover how to create a strong safety culture at your facility.


Safety 2014 Key Issue Roundtable: Risk Assessment Risk Assessment and ISO 3100 – Their Impact on Risk Control, Robert McEldowney, Jim Newberry and Fran Sehn

A summary of the discussion which took place during this Safety 2014 Key Issue Roundtable on Risk Assessment Risk.


ANSI Z10 and PtD Standards Integration , Georgi Popov

EHS professionals are facing increased pressure to diversify their skills and develop new risk assessment techniques. A small size company requested a new product risk assessment and hazard evaluation. The product is intended for export to the European Union and had to meet international standards. On the other hand, the product is manufactured in the USA and the management wanted to implement PtD principles. The authors developed new tools and successfully implemented the new PtD model to evaluate the product.


Risk Managers are from Mars, EHS Pros are from Venus -VIDEO, Erike J. Young

For EHS professionals to play an integral role in supporting their organization’s mission, they must demonstrate value beyond compliance efforts. Learn how Enterprise Risk Management can provide a framework for risk and EHS managers to collaborate in controlling a broad array of risks in support of an organization’s mission.


Risk Management Forum - VIDEO, James L. Newberry

This presentation is organized by the Risk Management/ Insurance Practice Specialty will address the issues and opportunities in using the International Risk Management guidelines. A discussion with an expert panel also provides an opportunity for questions and answers from the audience.


Risk Financing for the Loss Control Professional - VIDEO, Mark D. Oldham

The insurance industry Workers’ Compensation Combined Ratio is now consistently over 100%. Guaranteed cost risk financing is becoming more costly as carrier capacity diminishes. Carrier and Broker loss control professionals need to have knowledge of the various risk financing mechanisms available and the implications in safety and risk management program development, funding and execution. This session will provide information and resources in risk financing mechanisms for all lines of coverage.


Mobile Technology to Improve Workplace Safety and Efficiency -VIDEO, Andrew Peterson

Mobile technology can be used to improve workplace safety and increase the efficiency of a safety program. This presentation focuses on the breadth of mobile applications that are available to safety professionals for use in enhancing their organization’s safety program performance, and examines a case study that demonstrates the effectiveness of mobile applications


Making the Choice to be a Risk Control Professional - VIDEO, James L. Newberry and Sharon A. Falkenburg

This conference presentation covers the career choice of being a risk control professional.


Integrating Risk Management and Prevention Through Design Standards - VIDEO, Georgi I. Popov and John N. Zey

Relationships between Risk Management principles and PtD will be presented. PtD principles are combined with risk assessment tools to be integrated with ANSI/ASSE Z690.2011. PtD principles/ tools should be an integral part of management, practices and the business process of the organization. SH&E professionals could play a significant role in ANSI/ASSE Z690.2-2011 implementation.


Identifying Target Facilities for Audits Based on Risk Factors - VIDEO, James A. Burk and Janet A. Hendry

Looking to identify and reduce risk before safety incidents occur? Look for risk where risk resides! Risk levels vary from site-to-site. This presentation describes a safety audit targeting process that creates an impactful corporate-wide view of risk. This provides leadership with the information needed to continue providing safe work environments.


What is the BOK?

The Body of Knowledge project is dedicated to creating a living reference that represents the collective knowledge of the Safety, Health and Environmental profession. While the preliminary work has begun, there is still more to do. The purpose of this website is to introduce subject areas that will eventually be part of the Body of Knowledge, and to gather feedback on the future direction, and ongoing assessment of what needs to be completed.

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