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Work Zones: The Right Pause for a Good Cause, Bennett Ghormley

In 2010, less than 1% of the (work zone) WZ crashes had fatalities. One would think that most fatalities happen at night, but just like in Wyoming, more than 70% of the deaths in WZ crashes were in broad daylight. Another 2010 statistic is that more than four people every hour or one every 14 minutes were injured in a WZ crash.


SafetyHAT: A Transportation System Safety Hazard Analysis Tool, US Department of Transportation

The transportation systems Safety Hazard Analysis Tool (SafetyHAT) is a software tool that facilitates hazard analysis using the System-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA).


Innovations in Road Safety, Bala Siva Srikanth Adivi

Q&A With Ali Al-Failakawi, Team Leader HSE, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait. Ali Al-Failakawi is the winner of the 2014 Safety Management Innovation Award. The Award for Innovation in Occupational Safety Management recognizes those who bring innovation and creativity to managing safety in the workplace.


Track Driver Qualification File Expirations, Faustina Washburn

Easy tracking of expiration dates for commercial license, medical, and motor vehicle reports for commercial drivers. Just enter the drivers' data then the EXCEL date cell will turn color yellow at 30 days until expiration, orange at 10 days from expiration and red when expired. Easy to track instead of looking in files.


Crude Oil: Variability of Material Risks & Hazards, ASSE

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has issued a safety alert to advise shippers/offerors of the potential variability of material risks and hazards from crude oil extraction and production. Raw material sources may have inconsistencies in chemical properties, and PHMSA advises shippers/offerors to appropriately account for the potential variability of the crude oil in their material testing. PHMSA also advises emergency responders to be aware of the risks associated with crude oil transportation due to increases in transportation and the wide range of crude oil properties.


Class 3 Hazardous Materials Safety & Security Plans for Rail Transportation, Magdy El-Sibaie and Robert C. Lauby

Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) have issued this safety advisory as a follow-up to the agencies’ joint safety advisory published Aug. 7, 2013, and FRA’s Emergency Order No. 28 published the same day, both of which relate to the July 6, 2013, incident in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec.


Mobile Technology to Improve Workplace Safety and Efficiency -VIDEO, Andrew Peterson

Mobile technology can be used to improve workplace safety and increase the efficiency of a safety program. This presentation focuses on the breadth of mobile applications that are available to safety professionals for use in enhancing their organization’s safety program performance, and examines a case study that demonstrates the effectiveness of mobile applications


How Perdue Farms Implemented a Video-Based Driver Risk Management Program - VIDEO, Del Lisk, Frank J. Cruice and Tommy Pollard

Perdue Farms faced increasing traffic collisions resulting in rising vehicle accident costs. They investigated various options to improve driver safety and evaluated a video-based driver risk management system. Learn how they navigated throughout their organization to gain approval to purchase and implement a program that significantly improved driver safety statistics.


Controlling Fleet Liability Risks that Could Drive You Out of Business - VIDEO, Timothy J. Batz

If you have employees who drive company vehicles or use their own cars for business, you need to protect your balance sheet from liability. This presentation will explore the liability exposures and feasible controls that you need to know before employees get behind the wheel.


Occupational Safety and Health Laws in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, Governments of the United States, Mexico, and Canada

This is a historic document titled "Occupational Safety and Health Laws in the United States, Mexico, and Canada". This document would be of value to those SH&E Professionals with goblal responsibilities including Mexico and Canada. The document gives and overview and summary of each country and then does provide some comparisons.


What is the BOK?

The Body of Knowledge project is dedicated to creating a living reference that represents the collective knowledge of the Safety, Health and Environmental profession. While the preliminary work has begun, there is still more to do. The purpose of this website is to introduce subject areas that will eventually be part of the Body of Knowledge, and to gather feedback on the future direction, and ongoing assessment of what needs to be completed.

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