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Semi-Permanent Fingertip Tactile Sensitivity Loss in Cold Environments, Brian J. Finder

Current research indicates that acute non-freezing cold exposure elicits various short-term performance problems with the human extremities; namely a reduction in blood flow (Abramson, Zazela & Marrus, 1939), hand sensitivity (Nelms & Soper, 1961), the level of upper extremity dexterity (Clark, 1961), and maximal grip strength (Barnes & Larson, 1985). The present body of scientific knowledge has yet to confirm that repeated/chronic cold exposure causes a more long-term or semi-permanent form of nervous system impairment in humans.


Mobile Technology to Improve Workplace Safety and Efficiency -VIDEO, Andrew Peterson

Mobile technology can be used to improve workplace safety and increase the efficiency of a safety program. This presentation focuses on the breadth of mobile applications that are available to safety professionals for use in enhancing their organization’s safety program performance, and examines a case study that demonstrates the effectiveness of mobile applications


Occupational Safety and Health Laws in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, Governments of the United States, Mexico, and Canada

This is a historic document titled "Occupational Safety and Health Laws in the United States, Mexico, and Canada". This document would be of value to those SH&E Professionals with goblal responsibilities including Mexico and Canada. The document gives and overview and summary of each country and then does provide some comparisons.


Get a Grip: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Stylus Use on Touchscreen of Transfer Muscle Activity and Improve Perceived Comfort Using Grips, Evanda Henry, Stephanie Richmond and Nashrah Shah

This is from the ASSE 2014 Professional Development Conference in Orlando, Florida. This is the winning video (link) from Safety2014. This presentation addresses: "Get a Grip: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Stylus Use on Touchscreen of Transfer Muscle Activity and Improve Perceived Comfort Using Grips"


ASSE Government Affairs Committee Update - VIDEO, Jim Thornton

This Safety 2013 conference presentation provides an update on the ASSE Government Affairs Committee.


Consultants vs. Culture Can the Two Work Against Each Other?, Terry L. Mathis

For the past 3 decades, two trends in safety have been on a collision course: the use of safety consultants and the inevitable focus on improving safety culture. Why a collision? Because any form of outsourcing potentially is hazardous to a culture, which is a sharing of internalized values and practices.


Evolving Trends in Improving Safety & Security in Schools, Larry G. Holloway

Many violent incidents have occurred on school properties during the last 50 years. The worst of these atrocities invariably involves a shooting of some type where the perpetrator(s) usually take their life as law enforcement moves in to apprehend them. These incidents are thoroughly investigated and reports are issued. This article first addresses the steps schools need to take to identify their unique strengths and improvement opportunities.


Expert Witness 301, Paul Gantt

Safety professionals are often asked to work as part of a legal proceeding without a full understanding of what is actually involved in this type of work. Such was the case for me when I began my work as a designated expert. Looking back, I can see that my initial exuberance to venture into areas where I was not appropriately prepared was similar to allowing employees to engage in activities for which they are not properly prepared and in which they are not properly trained.


Employee Engagement Strategies, Deborah R. Roy

One key component of a successful safety management system (SMS) is a high degree of employee engagement. Frontline employees are often an untapped resource when organizations roll out management systems. They have skills outside of their day-to-day job tasks that can be successfully leveraged to implement and continuously improve the SMS.


Establishing a Game Plan: Keep It Simple, Jason LaBarge

Every Monday, you walk into the office and ask yourself, “Where should I spend my energy this week?” and every Friday, you ask yourself, “Is the team doing the best they can to improve their position in the area of SH&E management?” You probably have some of these internal conversations on Saturday and Sunday, too, because you care. This article provides advice on making a game plan to address these questions.


What is the BOK?

The Body of Knowledge project is dedicated to creating a living reference that represents the collective knowledge of the Safety, Health and Environmental profession. While the preliminary work has begun, there is still more to do. The purpose of this website is to introduce subject areas that will eventually be part of the Body of Knowledge, and to gather feedback on the future direction, and ongoing assessment of what needs to be completed.

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